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It's Canada Day eh!

It's Canada Day eh!

Hey everyone!

Tomorrow is Canada Day, and nothing is more festive than having a red drink for the day's festivities. And since I am pregnant and can't enjoy a lovely alcoholic festive drink, I found some cool ideas for non alcoholic drinks to have during the day of Canada. And this year is one to remember since its Canada 150. So a lot is going on downtown for the event, and I am probably heading down to see whats going on.

So today I made 2 recipes that are non alcoholic. And both are delicious!

First up is the Cran-Spritzer:


Disclaimer: This one is a little difficult, because you are separating the two liquid ingredients. And if not done right, the two will mix.

Let's get the drink items ready

  • ice
  • Sprite ( cans work, but if doing for a huge party get big bottles)
  • Cranberry Juice ( brand doesn't matter for this)
  • Strawberries

Now that we have all those, let's make this drink

  1.  Fill the amount of glasses you are serving, with 1/3 full of ice, then pour 1/3 of Cranberry Juice ( so that it will be at the bottom).
  2. Add 1/3 more ice on top making sure not to leave any of the sides empty. Pour the Sprite directly on top of the new ice slowly. What you don't want is them to mix.
  3. Then for the final part of the flag add sliced strawberries on top. 
  4. And then add a cute little one as  garnish on the rim

And that's how you get a Canadian Cran- Spritzer

Next is the ever so delicious as easy, Pomegranate Cooler:


Disclaimer: This one is extremely simple, you can add mint leaves on top at the end for garnish.

Here are the items you need for the drink:

  • Pomegranate Juice ( or Pomegranate Juice and Cranberry mix) chilled
  • Sprite
  • Ice 
  • Sugar for the rim

Ok now thats all gathered, let's begin:

  1. Sugar the rim 
  2. Fill the glass halfway with ice. ( yes, I forgot to add it in these shots. Oops)
  3. Combine the juices and sprite. Mix it.
  4. Garnish with the mint leaves if you have some.

Now you have yourself 2 drinks to enjoy on the special day, or any day really!

Personally my favourite is the Cran-Spritzer. It just looks so yummy.

Which one would you say is your favourite?

Have a great day, and Canada Day tomorrow!

Signing off,


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