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Let's have a toast to the bun in my oven

Let's have a toast to the bun in my oven


Hey guys! I know, my MIA is so uncool. But it was for a totally good reason. I found out I was pregnant, which made a lot of things make sense. Since I am at the beginning of my 2nd Trimester, it seems only fitting to let you guys all know what I have been going through during my first trimester. Keep in mind, each woman's pregnancies are different. So if you are pregnant and you don't match anything I've had, don't worry :) 

So let's go!

First Trimester Log:

Let's begin how I found out: Nothing to crazy, I was getting more and more tired, even though I slept like 7/8 hours. I was starting to feel nauseous everyday. And then bam! My period never showed. My first thought was: PANIC!! Omg am I pregnant? Or is this because of stress? ( which of course worrying if your pregnant or not is also stressful, so i added that stress onto my already stressed mind) But I let it go, I said to myself give yourself 5 days maybe it will come then. So I waited. And you guessed it, it still didn't come. So stressed Becca, took a test at work. I couldn't go through a whole day wondering what will happen till I got home. So I took it on my break. And one line showed up, I had a little bit of relief I will not lie. But as I was washing my hands it seems life had another idea. I went to go throw it out, but I noticed another line had showed up. I'm pregnant? Omg! This can't be. Ok Becca, Ok. It will be ok. I called up my boyfriend and let him know. I told him you know what it is super rare for a false positive, but it could be. So the next morning I would take the second test. Sure enough yup.. 2 lines again. Ok well seems to be a pattern here. Now here comes the funny part. I just couldn't believe my eyes, so I took 4 more. Called my family doctor, let her know. And then she sent me off for bloodwork and urine samples, to double check. And everything after that has been as routine with an appointment each month.


Currently on Month 4 of pregnancy.

One thing I have learned to add to my daily routine, is taking my Prenatal Vitamins for the baby. Boy are those not fun. They are so huge! Super hard to swallow without water, you also would need a lot of water in your mouth in order to pass it.

Ok now lets talk all the symptoms I have had, and how long they lasted:

1. Nausea! OMG the amount of nausea I've had. Length: it lasts all day long/every day, and its been consistent with me. It hasnt gone away yet.

2. Tiredness. Yup you get tired. Length: it is all day long as well. But it is easily manageable, just take naps whenever you can. 

3. Dizzy spells. These I have only gotten recently. Length: Doesn't last long, and it's not every day. So just make sure to be safe when they do come.

4. Heartburn. Ok so this has only happened 2 times so far. Painful. Length: Unless you have Tums around not long. But for me I had a couple hours of non-stop heartburn, until I got my hands on some. 

5. Hunger. My hunger has massively increased and cravings have been for normal things, so far. No pickles for me or some weird concoction. Like my mom, I craved a hamburger and fries one day.. And if you know me, I don't really care for red meat. I eat mostly vegetarian, with the except of every now and again having chicken. What I have learned: Keep soda crackers on hand, or any snacks. You will get hungry more often. But don't over do it. But apparently, according to my boyfriend, ( apparently my baby brain affects remembering what I eat/want to eat) I crave a lot of sweet foods. Mostly Fudgesicles. I don't know why, but cold sweet desserts is what I want. 

I currently don't fit any of my pants, and had to buy some maternity pants. It happened really quickly. And now a little belly has formed. I have only gained 1kg since this has all started, which to me blows my mind because of how I don't fit my pants/ or my incredibly increased food intake. 

Now that I am in my 2nd trimester, things should die down, while the belly starts to come out more. Here's hoping at least. Starting to feel some more energy again and that means hopefully back to my regular posting habits, Sans Coffee :p

Thanks for everyone who stuck around!

Hopefully you continue to stick around and watch my journey into something completely new to me. Motherhood.

Signing off ( to snack some more :p)


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