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Spring is in the air it seems

Spring is in the air it seems

Hey everyone!

Well it looks like the weather has been kind to Ottawa the last two days. Feels kinda like spring. And with spring comes spring like foods. Today is what I call a salad kind of day.


I tend to go for a different greenery in my salads than the usual romaine or iceberg. This lunch was a Fennel Arugula Salad, with Romano cheese on top and lemon oil vinaigrette. Something light but not too light. It was amazing. Not too much dressing, and not to little that you feel like a rabbit.


 With all this good weather it begs the question: Is this really the beginning of spring or will there be more winter? The answer? Unknown. But here's hoping that winter is done, and we all can not freeze when we want to go exploring new places.

Personally, I prefer the warmer, less snowy seasons like Spring and Fall. Mostly because I am not a winter boot kind of person. I would much prefer to walk around in my sneakers, or flats. But sadly that wouldn't fly here. 

Also because of this good weather, it has me feeling like it's Friday. But sadly it isn't. The plus side, weekends almost here. And that means chores and possibly exploring!


Hope your week was great! We will get through the last two days together :p


Signing off, 


How to enjoy an early morning...

How to enjoy an early morning...

The soft edge to foliage

The soft edge to foliage