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The soft edge to foliage

The soft edge to foliage

Hey everyone! 

With the cold weather coming back in a fury, I trekked out to the Tropical Greenhouse here in Ottawa. It is only minutes away ( by car) from my place and it is crazy humid and hot in here. So where better to do a spring -ish casual look.


I staple that I like to collect are band tees, or artist tees. Today felt like an Elvis kind of day. Elvis and some trusty highwaisted Levi's. Jeans are just such a versatile piece as they can be worn down, or worn even to work. Pairing it with pieces to elevate it, it can be worn as a stylish piece to work, like how I paired a casual band tee with a blazer and some jeans. To elevate it more, you can wear it with heels, wedges, or some flats. 

I love Elvis a lot, and was so excited when I found this at Urban Outfitters. When I was younger, on tv they were playing all of Elvis's films. So I took to my trusty old vhs player and taped them all. However, they were taped over since then ( not by me). But I just remember being home while the vhs player was taping it, and watching each film. One that stands out the most was Kissing Cousins, just the title at that age I was at through me off. I love watching classic films all the time.

Instead of elevating my outfit more than just with the blazer, I went for some platform sneakers that I got from ASOS. I find that platform sneakers are actually a little more elevated than regular sneakers but still has that casual vibe, which for today I wanted. They were on sale when I bought them, and sadly are no longer on their sight. However they do have a pair that are similar that are silver.

Here's a link to that: .

I currently own 2 platform sneakers, and I would love more. But first I'll need to donate the shoes I have currently that I don't wear. 

Oh and keep an eye out on ASOS, they have some really great sale deals sometimes. I got my two sneakers on a 70% off deal. 

Thank you guys so much!

Hope everyone's day today went amazing!

Signing off,


Spring is in the air it seems

Spring is in the air it seems

Gotta Let It Be...

Gotta Let It Be...