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Gotta Let It Be...

Gotta Let It Be...

Hey everyone!

The weekend is over, gotta let it be. So to start the week off on a good note, blast some of your favourite music to get rid of the Monday blues.

My choice : The Beatles. They are classic, they are amazing, they have to be one of my most favourite bands ever. I am obsessed. (I have vinyl, cds, digital versions of each album, books, photos, t-shirts, saved films of Help! and Hard Day's Night on my computer, and one of my tattoos is inspired from one of their songs.) 

Recently, I was given the whole vinyl collection of The Beatles, and I could not have been more ecstatic! They are just such a go to for me, even from such a young age. I remember finding my dad's Number 1's cd of theirs, and just falling in love. And it's been such a happy stroll in Strawberry Fields ever since. 

There isn't a favourite album for me as each portrays such a different time for the Beatles, no two albums are the same. One of the two songs that resonate with me the most, is Blackbird. It got me through some tough times in my life, so much so I got a black feather tattooed on my arm. And now every day I carry it with me wherever I go. And that to me is something I am proud of.

My other favourite song is actually on the same album as Let It Be. And that's Across The Universe.

Across the Universe, to me, was just a very soothing song. On nights where I couldn't sleep, I would just turn on that song, and it would relax me so much that I would be able to sleep. That and the Long and Winding Road ( which is also on this album). And when I had heard there was going to be a movie about The Beatles ( came out in 2008), titled Across The Universe, I knew I had to watch it. ( For those of you who haven't seen it yet, go watch it!) I immediately fell in love. The film was just so beautifully written and the way the characters that brought the songs together, intertwining the characters the way they did, just brought me to a time where the titled song would have been popular during. I was just blown away. To this day, on days where I am down, you can find me turning on this movie and curling up in a blanket and just get completely absorbed in it.

So what better band to start off a week than none other than your favourite band. Gets you in a happy mood, and brings your week in on a positive note. 

Who would you listen to in the morning? Let me know in the comments

Have yourselves a great Monday! 

Signing off,


The soft edge to foliage

The soft edge to foliage