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In An Afternoon Daze...

In An Afternoon Daze...

Hey everyone!

The weather has me all confused. Is it spring? Is it still winter? Can I wear shoes out? Do I need my boots. I'm here in a daze with my plants, thinking when will it stay warmer? Has spring fully started? Will the beautiful flowers begin their blooming?


My plants don't seem to think the weather will permit anything to bloom for a while still. But there's always hope. It's the one thing I love most about spring, and now I live down the road from an open farm that plants a ton of flowers!! 


For now I will have to roam the grounds of supermarkets and Rona for plant life. Much like this little guy, who was found in supermarket near my place.  

So when the weather doesn't permit flowers to bloom, why should we go out in it. I love being cozy on the couch with a good book, or a good movie. A nice relaxing time.  I find most days I get back from work, I jump onto my bed and put on some Netflix of whatever show I'm watching for that day ( because now Netflix does what tv does and has specific days when new episodes come out).


But then there's always the limit of being too cozy. You know what I'm talking about. The moment you are beyond cozy, that you begin to fall asleep ( on the couch, on your bed). It happens a lot with me at least. It's a combination of being tired, overly cozy, and comfy furniture. 


Basking in the daylight while being overly cozy. Is the universe's concoction of bliss. Excluding the grogginess when waking back up. 

I'll confess something to you right now, almost every day of the week ( minus Tuesdays) this happens to me. Sorry for such a random post. My brain is really out of wack from this back and forth weather. Or maybe it's just out of wack from my afternoon naps :p


Hope your week has been going well! And if you feel the need to get beyond cozy this afternoon, do it! It definitely relaxing. 


Signing off, 


Let's have a toast to the bun in my oven

Let's have a toast to the bun in my oven

Sweet, Sugary, and Everything Nice...

Sweet, Sugary, and Everything Nice...