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How to enjoy an early morning...

How to enjoy an early morning...

Good morning!

Happy Sunday, hope that it's going well. Today's topic is mornings and how to handle them. Or at least how I handle mine.

First off, during the week I find less to do in the morning the better. I tend to not wear makeup the majority of the time. My skin appreciates it, and it lets me sleep in more. So personally it's a win win to me. So I can get up, eat, and get dressed and be out the door in about 20 minutes. This lets me get some extra sleep during the week. So in conclusion for during the week, the more sleep the better.

Now for my weekends, that's a different story. Yes, I can sleep in which gives me more sleep. But it also means having a slower start, appreciating what I have. Sundays are personally the best morning to me. Saturdays  are kind of like an extra work day, just with chores so that Sundays are pure joy. 

So lets begin.

Sunday morning starts off with a slow wake up in bed, with the pup, the cat, and the boyfriend. Then once our bodies are fully awake, begins the prep for breakfast and morning coffee or tea.

Some mornings are started with a good read, curled up with some tea.

And then once breakfast is ready, we sit down and enjoy it while watching a tv show on Netflix/Crave/Amazon. We are currently watching Mr. Robot now on Amazon. 

We then get ready and take our little pup out to the back field to play around. She really enjoys it, but she only lasts about 15-20 minutes. After that, she is exhausted and wants to get back home.  

After that, it really all depends on how the weekend goes. This Sunday I baked Cinnamon Sugar cookies. ( Let me know if doing recipes are also something you will like to see from me:) )

Sundays are also known at our place, as board game day. We have some friends over and we enjoy a lovely afternoon/ or evening of board game fun. 

After what is a nice relaxing day, is the sleep before going back to work. So it's an early bed time for me so that my Monday starts off being fully rested.

On that note, I should get back to my slow Sunday

Have a great Sunday everyone! 


Signing off, 


Sweet, Sugary, and Everything Nice...

Sweet, Sugary, and Everything Nice...

Spring is in the air it seems

Spring is in the air it seems