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Once a classic, always a classic

Once a classic, always a classic

Hey everyone!!

With my pregnancy coming up to the end, the itch for my old school style keeps coming back. And of course while parousing my local Value Village for a small table for our baby's lamp, I found a pair of shoes that I just couldn't leave behind.

A classic Mary Jane heel. 


I am not one for a super high heel, and I find that classic heels are always a sophisticated way of still wearing heels but not being to high that I can't walk. Plus they just look so cute.

And with fall here, nothing beats a cute heel with a cozy sweater, jeans or a skirt. You can pair them with stockings, socks, or bare, and elevates a casual look. I had been looking online at some pairs, and low and behold, someone donated their old pair of Mary Janes. So while, I do own a pair of Mary Janes, I still will be purchasing more. And keeping my eyes out for other classic shoes like Oxfords and old styled flats. 

One of the top websites I've been looking at the most, especially for clothes, is ModCloth. And once, I am back to a non pregnant state, this will be my online shop I go to the most. They carry items that suit me the most and I can always mix and match with items I find at my Value Village.


I am still honestly in shock that I nabbed them. How did no one else get these before I got there?? It is such a shame that such classic and highly revelled items sometimes get looked over. It is another reason why I love thrift store shopping. Because there are people all over the community always donating their old, used items. And some people give away classic pieces that you just can't find anywhere else. 

So I have gathered together a couple of heels that I have found for you guys to buy online if you aren't completely a fan of buying used shoes. ( I am also in love with these pairs too ) These are all from ModCloth, and if these aren't your vibe, they have other amazing shoes.


I am always keeping my eyes peeled at other stores online for shoes that have that old style look. I have had great luck with ASOS for shoes and deals. 


Now ASOS has other options too for shoes, heels, boots, so if these aren't your thing then there is plenty of other options for you to look at. Plus they have great sales, who doesn't love a great sale.

How would you describe your personal style? What style of shoes are you most drawn to?

If you could see yourself in a different era, which would it be?

I am just going to go drool over these shoes now, excuse me :)

Signing off,


It's beginning to smell alot like Christmas

It's beginning to smell alot like Christmas

A bowl of soup for the soul

A bowl of soup for the soul